tamarind leaf salad

burmese style tamarind leaf salad. perhaps only inspired by burmese style tamarind leaf salad. it has undergone adjustment and modification.


tamarind leaves          50 g
fermented onions[a]      60 g
red bell pepper          50 g
peanuts                  30 g
fried shallot[b]          4 tbsp
fish sauce               1½ tsp
crushed red chili         ¼ tsp
shallot oil[b]            2 tsp
[a] lacto-fermented vegetables
[b] fried aromatics


i like to use fermented red onions. any onion would be fine. if your onion is not fermented, add lime or lemon juice to the recipe.

your peanuts are likely toasted already. mine often aren't. it's easily remedied[c]. if you have nuts that are not peanuts, use them. that's fine.

[c] toasted nuts

a process

1. rinse the tamarind leaves. discard any particularly stiff stems or other unpleasantries.

2. chop red bell pepper and onions into reasonably sized pieces. 1-2 cm.

3. combine the ingredients in a bowl. ensure everything is well mixed. taste. adjust.